Bradfield Cricket Club – Getting Going

Bradfield Cricket Club with a complete refurbishment plus extension to include new changing facilities for the home team, male toilets, female changing rooms and toilet plus a disabled toilet.

Refurbishment is getting prepared by clearing out the interior.
This the framing inside the Cricket club building to start to refurbish the building and add new features.
The refurbishment has begun inside the rooms on the walls and floors.
The framing inside the building has been started to make rooms separate.
Brick walls have started to be built on to the foundations to start the extension build.
The extension has successfully begun and is making good progress.
The extension is underway and is starting to come a long quickly.
Inside the extension build. the brick work has been done along with the framing.
The extension build is nearly complete.
The walls are ready to be decorated and the floor is ready for the flooring itself to be laid.