Braintree – Build Phase

This is a new build of a 5 bed property for a disabled client plus an annex for their family. The project started with site strip and demolition before construction of the new buildings.

Having demolished the old building and completely cleared the site we began the high-standard build of the twin new buildings for the disabled person and their family.

The foundations having been dug, the building went up in no time.
We always build to a very high standard but there are certain things that are optional in a standard build that are imperative when building a property for a disabled person. One of the major ones is perfectly level floors... create this, we allow for a few inches of very wet poured concrete which we then tamp to remove air and encourage flow before leaving it to settle (perfectly flat because it's so liquid) and then to dry.
A good picture of the now dry concrete floor ready for the floor itself to be laid.
Fitting the carcasses of the standard configuration kitchen in the family's property.
Flooring surface now installed we're now carrying out the carpentry work of trimming and hanging doors.
Again, back in the family house and initial painting has begun.
Painting is also underway outside, the walls having been rendered.