Braintree – Final Fix & Completion

This is a new build of a 5 bed property for a disabled client plus an annex for their family. The project started with site strip and demolition before construction of the new buildings.

A fantastic looking property that we’re proud to have built and we wish the family, and our customer in particular, a long and happy life here.

The house is now fully decorated and the accessibility equipment has also been installed. This picture shows a good view of the track and hoist system that allows our customer to move between rooms with the assistance of his carer.
A closer view of the hoist itself.
Our customer's wet-room showing the hoist-system tracks and the specialist bath with integral lift.
This is the customer's living room. Again the track and hoist system can be seen as can the extra-wide wheelchair accessible door out onto the perfectly level patio we've made for him outside.
This is the finished kitchen over in our customer's family's house next door...
...and this is the landing in the family house showing their rather nice glass balustrade on oak frame.
...and a view from outside (a few months later) showing the two properties are indeed separate - albeit only just and showing the excellent job the team have done levelling off that mess of a garden and sewing what has turned into a lovely-looking lawn.
A picture from the rear of the properties.
...and a picture from the front approach showing how beautifully the two properties tie in together.