Carport, Raunds

This is a complete refurbishment plus an extension for a disabled client to include a therapy room, wet-room and a bedroom.

This project involved creating a purpose-built oak carport for a disabled client.

Planks of oak being prepared to start the build. Carefully making sure everything is the right size to start work.
Getting started by putting up the posts to secure the whole structure.
Building the structure of the carport is coming along perfectly.
Making sure everything is stable and secure to carry on with the build.
The posts and the structure are secure, safe and ready for further work to be done.
The structure of the carport is up, the posts are secure. Now preparing for the roof to be built.
The structure of the finished carport.
This is the finished carport, this was a really successful build and a great way to help our client.
The complete 9m x 9m Oak carport was a successful and great build.