Hillside Lodge – Phase One

Spilisby Extension for disabled client, Site set up moving Oil tank then reduced dig.

Getting started on the build.

The site being prepared and the digging has begun. The site is wet meaning the workers have to be more careful.
Clearing the ground ready for the foundations to be started.
Digging in preparation for the foundations to be built.
The site being prepared for drainage so the foundations can be built and be secure.
This is the site being drained after the bad weather. This was a difficult task as nothing could be built until it had been drained.
Here are the foundations started with trench blocks.
Reinforced steel is placed to help strengthen the foundations.
Internal walls being built on the foundations. Making sure the structure is stable.
The internal walls coming along great for the extension.
Outside brick wall has begun. This is made carefully, looking at detail to make sure everything is correct and up to our standard.
The walls have been successfully built and are ready for more work to be done.
These are the joist boards holding the structure.
The roof of the extension has been successfully complete.