Potters Bar 2018 – Assistive Equipment

This project was commissioned as a member of the household suffered life-changing injuries. Emerson Builders carried out extensive adaptation and renovation in order that the individual involved could continue to live in their home.

All of the assistive equipment is now installed. The installation of this kit is one of our specialities and requires real care to be safe and incredible attention to detail to look smart.

These ceiling tracks are for the customer's hoist. It allows them to move from room to room (crucially their bedroom, shower / bath and hydrotherapy rooms) without their wheelchair.
A closer view of the ceiling tracks as they pass through a doorway. We pride ourselves on our carpentry skills as fitting these around the door-frame isn't always easy.
This is the customer's wheelchair lift from their garage into the main house. Getting between the car and the house isn't all that quick when you have to do it in a wheelchair so this arrangement means they can do so without getting wet when the weather is inclement.